Skattebøl mountain farm

Skattebøl Fjellgard is located approximately 3 hours drive from Oslo, midway between Oslo and Bergen. Skattebøl is located in Ål in Hallingdal, a region known for good skiing and snow conditions in the winter. Summertime there are miles and milses of mountains and beautiful, untouched terrain to hike in. The farm also has hunting and private fishing lakes.

The farm can accommodations 10 people in two units, either in ‘Kårstua’ at the farm itself, which houses four people. The other option is one of the old ‘støls’ called Nyset, where the farmers would take cattle and people in the summers, located about 20 minutes drive from the farm. Nyset has recently been renovated to a high standard and with an outdoors wood-fired tub . From the cabin you can go straight to the cross-country slopes and hiking trails.

Skattebøl is a farm with sheep, ducks, pigs hunting and fishing, and offers local food such as fish, the traditional fermented fish ‘rakfisk’, lamb and more.