Stay on the farm

Skattebøl Fjellgard offers accomodation on the farm or in one of the mountain cabins. You can also book lunch or dinner for bigger groups.

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Kårstua is a cosy little house on the farm, sleeping 4-5 people. The house was built in the 1700, and provides an amazing experience at a local Norwegian farm.

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Gamle Nyset

Gamle Nyset is a beautiful mountain cabin originating from the 1800s. Located in a privately co-owned area, it offers unspoilt surroundings and unique nature. The cabin is not connected to the national grid, but is powered by solar pv and renewable sources.

The cabin is currently undergoing upgrading and will be available in 2018.

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Skattebøl – a quiet escape


Skattebøl fjellgard has been in the ownership of the Weydahl-Løvset family for the last 60 years, and has been in active use the whole time.

While cows, pigs and goats were found on the farm in earlier times, sheep have been the main livestock on the farm in the last three decades.

Svein Bryplass and is family are currently managing the farm manager, where he has more than 100 sheep, in addition to a few chickens and the family dog.

Belonging to the farm is unique nature areas, where both hiking, fishing and skiing is possible.

The farm itself is located at around 400m above sea level, visitors who wants to get more of an altitude feeling can make a visit to Gamle Nyset, about 1100m above sea level, in unspoilt nature.



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